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Guidance for choosing a Wood TV stand

Are you using a TV stand for your home? I am sure every family needs to use this furniture to set TV and related decorations in the main spaces of the house such as the living room and bedroom.

Currently, manufacturers have improved and developed the TV stand constantly with a variety of materials, designs, and colors. Besides being able to satisfy customers’ selection needs, some customers will be confused when they want to get one that best suits their home space.

The fit between interior types is quite important because it will decide the aesthetics and harmony of the space. For example, if your home is traditionally designed and decorated, you can’t buy a glass TV stand. It will make your home space ridiculous. So should you buy a TV stand with materials for traditional style houses? I think many families are very curious about this, right? Okay, in today’s article I will introduce you to TV stands with wood. This style of TV stand was created to suit the most traditional type of space. To better understand the pros and cons and styles of this TV stand, Let’s find out the information below.

Overview of Wood TV stands

Wood TV stands have functions that are no different from other types of TV stand. The biggest advantage that you might want to choose this type of TV stand is its durability over time. Specifically, If you buy a natural wooden TV stand like oak, oval and some other woods, your TV stand will be extremely durable. And it won’t break down as quickly as other materials. Besides, the natural aroma from natural wood will help your spirit will be more comfortable and relaxed. Moreover, the brown color of the original wood will make your space more ancient and traditional. The next advantage of this Wood TV stand is that it is designed with more cabinets and shelves. From there, you can store more miscellaneous items and make space becomes more spacious.

However, natural wood is quite expensive and not everyone can purchase it. Understanding that problem, many manufacturers have produced some types of industrial wood which are not only quite cheap but also quite quality.

However, this wood material has a few drawbacks. For example, This wood material does not tolerate heat well and does not have much open space. The heat from the AV device when used will cause the TV stand to be warped. Therefore, to be more secure, you should buy Wood TV stand with a metal frame to prevent warping for shelves.

Cable Management

One issue that you need to consider when choosing a TV stand for your home is about the effectiveness of the management of  TV stand’s cables.  Cable management on a wooden TV stand is usually superior to a TV stand made of glass or other metal because it is designed to have the back. This provides more space behind the stand to keep the cable away from view. However, the design of the cabinet will prevent the air from circulating easily. From there, as I mentioned above, your AV devices will quickly heat up and may quickly fail. If the wooden TV stand is removable, you won’t have to worry about this problem. But not the style of Wood TV stand can do this. So if you like watching videos or using AV equipment a lot, you should buy other TV stands.

Currently, designers have tried to improve this disadvantage significantly. They made some small holes behind the shelves so the air could flow better. In addition to that, this TV stand also has some additional open space on the top, where you can easily install the device without cable problems.

In conclusion

I have presented you in detail about Wood TV stands. Do you think it is the type of TV stand you are looking for? There is no type of TV stand without any drawbacks and neither does Wood TV stand. Besides the advantages such as matching with traditional space, enduring with time and efficient cable management. This style has some disadvantages such as the high price, the inability to protect the AV equipment and the back panel that cannot be removed. Therefore, you should consider carefully and thoroughly before making a choice.

Finally, I hope the information I have given above will help you. And thank you for taking the time to read through this article. Have a nice day.

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