Types Of Sliding Compound Miter Saw Blades

Are you planning to get a sliding compound miter saw for your home or factory? Besides being concerned about its features, you can’t ignore the review of its blades. The blade is an important part of a sliding compound miter saw that determines whether the tool’s cutting ability is smooth and accurate.

On the market today, in addition to the size or type of tools, Blade is also constantly improved by manufacturers to meet all cutting needs on all materials. If you are new, that is one reason why it is difficult to choose a quality blade.

Understanding that, in today’s article, I will present some of the blade types that are available on the market so that everyone can easily consider and choose the most suitable one. Now, are you curious about what these blades are? I won’t make you wait any longer. Let’s start exploring.

What type of saw blade?

Carbon Steel Blades

To choose the type of best sliding compound miter saws effectively, most people rely on its material to classify them. Each type of different material will determine the quality of the different cuts.

First, I will introduce you to Carbon Steel Blades. This is the cheapest one of all materials used for making blades. Therefore, it can only cut some materials such as softwood, plastic and other similar materials.

High-Speed Steel Blades (HSS)

Next, this type of material is capable of cutting harder materials than carbon steel. And it can cut many edges at high temperatures easily. Specifically, the HSS blades are usually in the range of 62-65 HRC and they can withstand temperatures up to 600 ° C. Therefore, this material is applied in jobs that need to be cut through the hard materials. So are you doing a job or a project that requires cutting hard materials? If you do the same job, you need to purchase a miter saw blade with High-Speed Steel to complete the job effectively.

 Carbide Tipped Miter Saw Blades

Carbide tipped miter saw blades are the best material used to make saw blades that I would like to introduce to you. It is an extremely durable material. You can use it to cut the most different materials without worrying about getting broken quickly. For example, Carbide heads are harder than 65HRC (usually 70-80HRC). From there, if you want to cut materials like metal or even steel, you can use this type of blade material effectively.

However, along with the outstanding applications, its price is quite high that not everyone can buy. Therefore, if you are doing jobs that require daily use of miter saw or need to cut a lot of hard materials, you should buy this expensive material. And vice versa, if you only use miter saws for families or small workshops to cut wood, you should only use the two-blade materials above.

Note: Besides being concerned about the material of the blade, you must not ignore the number of teeth per inch of the blade. The smaller the number of blades, the faster you will cut.

As suggested by experts, the number of teeth you need to buy when you want to use a sliding compound miter saw is between 60 and 80 teeth.

Saw blades for specific jobs

To help you choose the saw blade that best suits your job. I have shown you some of the common tasks that require specific blade materials to finish perfectly. Please follow below:

Miter saw blade for woodworking: Wood is one of the easy-to-cut materials. You can use most blade materials to cut it. However, you should not buy materials that are too expensive, you just need to get some cheap blade materials such as high-speed steel or regular steel. Besides, you need to buy a blade with teeth in the range of 40 to 80 teeth is the most ideal. Do not think that the more expensive the blade is, the more precisely it can be cut. It can make your job difficult if you use the inappropriate blade material.

 Miter saw blade for Plywood: For Plywood, you must not use any blade material on the market that may damage the edges of Plywood. You need to use a specialized blade that is recommended by manufacturers. Besides, when buying a  cutting blade for Plywood, I suggest that you buy a blade with about 100 teeth.

Miter saw blade for aluminum: When it comes to cutting through harder materials specifically aluminum, you should have a saw blade with more teeth. Specifically, for aluminum, you should choose a saw blade with 60 to 80 teeth that are ideal for you to create the most accurate and smooth cuts. Besides, you should use a carbide-tipped saw blade to be able to cut through the surface of the material most easily. Moreover, this material is quite durable. Therefore, you do not have to worry about it breaking down quickly.

 Miter saw blade for metal: Similar to cut the aluminum material, if you want to cut metal material effectively, you need to use the carbide-tipped blade. This is a specialized material for cutting hard materials like this one. Besides, when cutting through metal, you need to make sure the saw blade you are using has a high number of teeth. And it’s made from a very durable material that won’t get damaged quickly after a few uses.

In conclusion

I have covered in detail the types of blade materials available today and their applications for different cutting tasks. I hope that the information I give is useful for you to choose the type of blade material that best suits your needs. Finally, thanks for taking the time to read this article. Have a nice day

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