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Useful tips to help you live comfortably in a small space

You have to live in a small and narrow house only about 50 m square? Every time you come back home from work or school, do you always feel extremely uncomfortable when looking at your cramped house? In particular, you always admire people who live in spacious and luxurious houses, right? Don’t be sad about that, you can also live comfortably and happily in a narrow house. Are you thinking that I’m joking?

I am not joking with you. I will give some useful tips to help you save space and can enjoy your house. Therefore, what are the concrete methods to make a narrow house more spacious and comfortable? I don’t take much of your time anymore. Let’s start exploring right now.

Use versatile space

With a small space, if the design is complete and spread out the necessary functional areas, it will significantly affect the overall cleanliness and ventilation of the whole house. Hence, instead of arranging furniture and items in a rampant way, you can choose to use a space for many functions by using multifunctional furniture or modifying furniture that is not needed.

use versatile space
use versatile space

Specific examples, when deciding to get a sofa for your home. you should purchase a modern and spacious sofa set for the living room. Because, besides using it to entertain guests or sit, when you need to rest can turn into a lovely bed.

Regularly clean the house

regularly clean the house
regularly clean the house

If you live in a narrow apartment, it is quite messy and somewhat unclean, especially the dirt that often appears on the floor, on the interior are the causes that make your place even more cramped. And make it more uncomfortable for you to enter the house.

Therefore, please take time every day to arrange and clean furniture and items in a neat and clean them to help the tiny house always clean, fragrant and more open. This routine cleanup also helps you know which items are used most and which ones are used less. So, they can be re-arranged to their proper positions. Besides, this way cleverly helps you store unnecessary items and supports the space tidier.

Create multiple storage areas

create multiple storage areas
create multiple storage areas

A small space but always brings the feeling of enjoyment and joy to everyone when living. By simply that the spaces are furnished with the right size, and above all take advantage of many angles to create a more spacious storage area.

For everyday life to be full and comfortable, people will always tend to increase personal belongings. That will make your life easier, but if you don’t organize it, your living space will become horrible. So, instead of messing them up and affecting the common area of ​​use, You can create multiple storage areas such as under the stairs to the loft, build wall cabinets or shelves with floor-to-ceiling height to put commonly used items … That arrangement makes for a small space but always neat and beautiful.

Avoid getting things you don’t need

When buying items, you must carefully think about how often you use them. And ask yourself, if you did not purchase those items,  your life be can be deprived or changed or not?  The item you get that can occupy a certain amount of space and is rarely used. I think you should not purchase them. What you should do is save those costs for other useful things.

With kitchen utensils, If you need to replace or add more, you should choose to throw away old appliances in the kitchen or store unused items in drawers to use that area for new gadgets.

Limit purchasing large-sized items

As you know, a piece of furniture, large items will take up quite a lot of room space. So, if possible, you should use multi-purpose furniture or small furniture instead of getting large-sized appliances and utensils that make small spaces more and more crowded.

Materials to help the cramped house become spacious

the cramped house become spacious
the cramped house become spacious

Glass, wood, and steel are the 3 building materials that we are referring to in this design. It seems simple when everyone knows, but to cleverly combine in a tight house, they will help create a solution to “cheat” your home area.

Using glass as a wall separating spaces is a popular idea recently. And help owners keep the link between the space from the living room, kitchen and dining room in a smart way. For wood, you will often see this material used in furniture such as the dining tables, TV shelves, … This material has always been preferred in many houses ever. Because it not only creates a sense of spaciousness for your home, it also makes your home both classic and luxurious.

Use floating shelves

use floating shelves
use floating shelves

Finally, does your house have a lot of small spaces like in the corner? Why don’t you take advantage of those gaps? You do not think it is small but does not help you hold anything, it is fully capable of assisting you to put quite a lot of necessary items by using the best floating shelves. Specifically, in the bathroom, you should set up some floating shelves on the four corners of the wall or next to the mirror to hold towels, shampoos, toothpaste. It will make your bathroom space tidy and easy to use when needed. Or in the kitchen, you also equip a few floating shelves to store g kitchen utensils such as bowls, dishes, glasses, and this type of floating shelf also helps you put small items such as first aid boxes, best cheap led flashlight for in many cases usable.

The floating shelf that has a modern design with all the shapes and colors is the best solution to save space and take advantage of small angles. Why do you not try it on your home, I am sure you will be extremely satisfied with the effect it brings.

In conclusion

I have come up with helpful methods that make you comfortable and happy living in your small home. Do you find the information above useful to you? If yes, try arranging and changing your tiny, small house right away. I ensure that you will be surprised at the result of that arrangement. Finally, thank you for taking the time to read the entire article.

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